Feminine Energy Wall Art

Dhs. 140.00 Dhs. 185.00


This captivating wall art piece captures the essence of feminine energy, offering a harmonious blend of soft hues and graceful curves. With delicate strokes and intricate details, it embodies the nurturing, intuitive, and empowering qualities associated with femininity. Whether adorning a cozy bedroom, a serene meditation space, or a vibrant living area, this artwork serves as a reminder to embrace one's inner strength and beauty. Its ethereal presence evokes feelings of tranquility and inspiration, inviting viewers to reflect on the boundless potential within themselves. Pair it with minimalist décor for a serene ambiance or contrast it with bold accents to make a statement that celebrates femininity in all its forms.

Styling Tips:

  1. Minimalist Elegance: Hang this artwork against a neutral backdrop to let its femininity shine through. Pair it with sleek furniture and simple décor for a calming and sophisticated look.
  2. Bohemian Chic: Embrace eclectic charm by mixing and matching textures and patterns. Hang this piece amidst lush greenery and layered textiles for a bohemian-inspired oasis.
  3. Modern Romance: Create a romantic ambiance by pairing this artwork with soft lighting and plush furnishings. Opt for pastel tones and delicate accents to enhance its ethereal allure.
  4. Gallery Wall Statement: Incorporate this artwork into a gallery wall display to add a touch of femininity to your space. Mix it with other art pieces and photographs to create a dynamic and personalized arrangement.
Product Details

2x3 CM Frame thickness


- Digital Printed Canvas
- PVC Frame


- Delivers within 1-2 working days
- Eligible for Return/Replacement.


- Assembly: Canvas & Frame are delivered assembled.
- Installation: Delivery does not include installation to the wall. Please note that the wall mount is fixed on the frame for vertical hanging only.