Nebula Noir Wall Art

Dhs. 155.00 Dhs. 185.00


Introducing "Nebula Noir," a captivating piece of black Abstract chain Wall Art that infuses any space with an enigmatic allure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this striking artwork features a mesmerizing interplay of dark hues and intricate chain motifs, evoking a sense of mystery and sophistication. "Nebula Noir" serves as a focal point in contemporary interiors, adding depth and intrigue to minimalist or eclectic décor schemes.

Styling "Nebula Noir" is a testament to the power of contrast and texture. Pair it with sleek, modern furniture in neutral tones to create a captivating juxtaposition, or let it take center stage against a backdrop of rich, jewel-toned walls for a dramatic effect. Incorporate metallic accents such as brass or silver to enhance its reflective qualities, and illuminate the artwork with strategically placed lighting to accentuate its dynamic contours. Whether adorning the walls of a chic urban loft or a cozy suburban home, "Nebula Noir" invites viewers to immerse themselves in its captivating depths, making a bold statement wherever it resides.

Product Details

2x3 CM Frame thickness


- Digital Printed Canvas
- PVC Frame


- Delivers within 1-2 working days
- Eligible for Return/Replacement.


- Assembly: Canvas & Frame are delivered assembled.
- Installation: Delivery does not include installation to the wall. Please note that the wall mount is fixed on the frame for vertical hanging only.