Round Black & Gold Cotton Printed Pouf (50x50x30 CM)

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Introducing our exquisite Round Black & Gold Cotton Printed Pouf, a versatile addition to your living space that effortlessly combines sophistication with comfort. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pouf features a striking black and gold print, adding a touch of glamour to any room.

Stylish Versatility: This pouf serves as both a functional seat and a decorative accent, making it perfect for any modern home. Its round shape and elegant print lend a sense of sophistication, while its compact size ensures easy placement in various settings.

Glamorous Accent: The black and gold print on the pouf exudes luxury and opulence, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your living room, bedroom, or study. Place it next to a sofa or armchair to create a chic seating arrangement, or use it as a stylish footrest for added comfort.

Enhanced Comfort: Constructed from high-quality cotton, our pouf offers a plush and supportive seat that enhances your relaxation experience. Whether you're lounging with friends or enjoying a quiet moment alone, this pouf provides the perfect spot to unwind and recharge.

Styling Tips:

  • Pair the pouf with metallic accents, such as gold or brass side tables, to create a cohesive look that exudes luxury.
  • Layer it with textured throws or blankets for added warmth and dimension.
  • Use it as a stylish alternative to traditional coffee tables by placing a decorative tray on top for holding drinks or displaying decorative items.
  • Incorporate it into a bohemian-inspired space by mixing and matching with eclectic patterns and colors for an eclectic and inviting vibe.

Elevate your home decor with our Round Black & Gold Cotton Printed Pouf, where sophistication meets comfort in a glamorous fusion of style and functionality.

Product Details

50x50x30 CM


Cotton Printed


- Delivers in 1-2 working days
- Eligible for return only when the item meets the return eligibility condition (Must be in original plastic packaging and box)


No installation required