Tip #1:  Edit, Edit, Edit

Before you organize any space, ALWAYS start by sorting through what you should keep, toss, or donate.

Why? Because when you have fewer things to manage, it’s far easier to keep your home tidy, neat, and organized.

It can be tempting to use up every nook and cranny. But don’t do it! Clutter just breeds more clutter. Better to have a little extra space, in case you need it later on.

BUT if you MUST keep more items than your closet can practically contain – even after ruthlessly editing – avoid overstuffing by relocating a few key items.

Tip #2:  Do Not Buy More Than Is Absolutely Necessary

How many towels or sheets is considered too many? Only you will know for sure.

But what we suggest is:

  1. Pay attention to how many towels you ACTUALLY use in a typical week
  2. THEN take into account the maximum number of guests you have had overnight.

This should give you a better idea as to the maximum number of towels, sheets, pillow cases, etc, that you actually need. 

(The same goes for those other items that you store in your linen closet) such as toilet paper, kleenex boxes, and cleaning supplies). 

Tip #3:  Corral Smaller or ‘Likely-To-Crash-Or-Spill’ Items Into Bins & Baskets

Smaller items can often get lost or fall to the floor if not contained. Bins and baskets are, therefore, a must to keep them organized.

Here is a breakdown of all the bins and baskets we recommend and love:

UnderShelf Baskets:

Once you edit, buy only what you need, re-locate, and corral items into bins and baskets, you can start  maximizing that empty vertical space with a few under-shelf storage systems.


Flexible, Woven Baskets:

Keep extra toilet paper in these soft, flexible woven baskets on the floor of our linen closet. Because of their round shape, it allows you to maximize the number of rolls you can store in each basket (and they're pretty, too 🙂 ).

Keep A Small Stool Nearby To Reach for Items Stored Up High

Whether your closet is too high or you just need a bit of extra height to get to items that are just out of reach, a small or foldable stool is great to have around.


Whether your linen closet needs a complete overhaul or you just need to tidy things up a bit, we hope these tips on how to organize a linen closet has given you some fresh inspiration on how to keep your linen closet neat and tidy and maximize the space available.

Happy organizing 🙂

June 05, 2022

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