Keeping up with trends can be quite challenging due to their rapid and ever-changing nature. From viral TikTok videos to the surge of influencer-created content. However, there is one trend that has proven to be a lasting presence: Bouclé. This unique and cozy texture has been widely embraced, adorning furniture such as chairs. It perfectly captures the essence of both current fashion and timeless appeal, and its popularity continues to grow. In fact, our bouclé collection is one of the most sought-after shopping collections in the previous year, and their demand shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.


Taking this into consideration, we made the choice to broaden our focus to include another essential element of home decor: ottomans. These incredibly adaptable pieces of furniture serve as ideal footrests, makeshift tables, additional seating, or even storage solutions. Get ready to be thoroughly inspired by this collection of bouclé poufs, stools, and timeless ottomans that are truly captivating and sure to ignite your enthusiasm.

Our Favourite Bouclé Ottomans:

The Layered Ottoman with Storage:

Adds an element of texture to any home decor with its layered design. Both stylish and practical as it also functions as a storage unit.

The basic Boucle Ottoman:

Comes in 2 sizes: 40x45 CM & 50x45 CM

The Cube Boucle Pouf:

You can't go wrong with this simple pick. Works literally with any interior.

Check our Boucle Collection for more!


June 17, 2023

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