Mirabella Irregular Arched Flannelette Miror (200x120CM)

Dhs. 2,250.00 Dhs. 2,950.00


The Mirabella mirror wrapped in a beige flannelette velvet-like fabric, adds a unique touch of sophistication to any setting. The irregular arching silhouette lends an artistic and slightly imperfect charm, making it a standout piece. This design is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, or any space where a subtle, artistic flair is desired. 

Crafted with attention to detail, this mirror enhances your decor with its unique irregular arch, which introduces an element of the unexpected into your space. The beige color of the velvet-like fabric infuses a light, airy feel, making it perfect for Greek-style interiors or simple, understated rooms. Its size offers a practical view, while the soft, undulating lines of the irregular arch invite calm and introspection. This mirror is best suited for spaces that favor simplicity and a touch of rustic elegance over opulence, ensuring it remains a timeless and cherished addition to your home.

Product Details

200CM Height x 120CM Width


flannelette Frame


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