Roxana Brown Squiggly Mirror (200x100CM)

Dhs. 1,465.00 Dhs. 1,950.00


Reflect a unique charm in your living space with the exquisite Irregular Fabric Frame Mirror. The soft, sinuous silhouette of this mirror introduces a flowing, organic aesthetic that effortlessly enhances any room, from sleek, modern settings to cozy, traditional spaces. Wrapped in a rich, textured fabric, the frame offers a tactile contrast to the mirror's smooth surface, creating a visually engaging piece that draws the eye and adds depth to your decor.

Designed to create an ambiance of refined elegance, this mirror is perfect for making small spaces appear larger and brighter. Its unusual shape and the luxurious fabric frame make it not only a functional item but a striking decorative element. Whether positioned in your entryway, bedroom, or living area, this mirror promises to bring a touch of sophistication and warmth, ensuring your home feels both inviting and stylish. Perfect for those who appreciate the interplay of functionality and artful design in their furnishings.

Product Details

'- 200CM Height x 100CM Width
- Wall Mounted


Fabric Frame


Delivers within 5-7 working days
Not eligible for return/refund


Delivery does not include installation