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White Balloon Shape Christmas Ornament
Dhs. 90.00 Dhs. 110.00 Sale
White & Transparent Christmas Ball Ornaments Set
From Dhs. 125.00 Dhs. 155.00 Sale
White Decor Christmas Trees
From Dhs. 230.00 Dhs. 265.00 Sale
Yellow Fur Cushion (45x45 CM)
Dhs. 115.00 Dhs. 130.00 Sale
Snowman Floor Decor with LED
From Dhs. 415.00 Dhs. 495.00 Sale
White Large Christmas Deer
From Dhs. 480.00 Dhs. 565.00 Sale
Red & White Cushion With Filler (45x45 CM)
Dhs. 95.00 Dhs. 110.00 Sold Out
Simple Red Jute Round Rug (3 Sizes)
From Dhs. 210.00 Dhs. 245.00 Sale
Light Green Cotton Cushion With Filler (45x45 CM)
Dhs. 160.00 Dhs. 185.00 Sale
Gold Foil Printed Cushion With Filler (45x45 CM)
Dhs. 125.00 Dhs. 145.00 Sale
Silver & Gold Lozenge Polyester Cushion Cover (40x40 CM)
Dhs. 100.00 Dhs. 120.00 Sale
Cream & Light Gold Polyester Cushion Cover (45x45 CM)
Dhs. 120.00 Dhs. 145.00 Sale
White & Gold Polyester Cushion Cover (45x45 CM)
Dhs. 95.00 Dhs. 110.00 Sale
White Fur Cushion (45x45 CM)
Dhs. 115.00 Dhs. 130.00 Sale

Festive Foam Decor, Trees, & More Christmas Collection

Introducing our Festive Foam & More Christmas Collection – where traditional holiday charm meets contemporary artistry. Dive into a wonderland of textures and colors, and discover an array of decorations meticulously crafted to brighten every nook and corner of your home this festive season.

Collection Highlights:

  • Foamy Fancies: Revel in the delightful variety of foam decorations, each sculpted to perfection, capturing the essence of winter and festivities in a soft, tactile form.

  • Timeless Trees: Our foam Christmas trees stand tall in splendor. Adorned with glitter and snow-tipped branches, they’re a modern twist on a classic festive icon.

  • Whimsical Wreaths: Crafted with precision, our foam wreaths incorporate wintry elements and traditional holiday symbols. Hang them on your door or above the fireplace for an instant holiday uplift.

  • Radiant Red Cherries: Add a touch of vibrancy with our red cherry décor. Whether nestled among other decorations or standing alone, they provide a burst of color, symbolizing the joy and richness of the season.

  • And More: Dive deeper into the collection and unearth an array of other decorative items, each holding a unique story, ready to become a part of your Christmas narrative.


  • Material: Premium foam, plastic, and other high-quality materials for lasting durability.

  • Colors: A palette ranging from snowy whites and deep greens to vibrant reds and more.

  • Applications: Suitable for indoor use, be it homes, offices, or festive events.

Care Instructions: Lightly dust using a soft brush or cloth. Store in cool, dry places away from direct sunlight to maintain their vibrant appearance.

Experience the magic of the season with our Festive Foam & More Christmas Collection. Designed with love and crafted with care, every piece in this collection promises to turn your space into a festive haven, echoing with the joys and wonders of Christmas.