Astrid Gold Window Arch Full Length Mirror (200X100 CM)

Dhs. 1,290.00 Dhs. 1,850.00


Indulge in opulence and elevate your living space with our Gold Arch Window Full Length Mirror. Expertly crafted to blend functionality with aesthetic elegance, this 200cm x 100cm mirror brings a dash of luxurious charm to any room.

The resplendent gold iron frame, characterized by its arch shape and gracefully curved top, not only ensures robustness but also introduces a royal, majestic appeal to your decor. Suited for diverse spaces, this full-length mirror generously provides both a practical reflection and a dazzling focal point.

Styling Tips: Embrace a harmonious blend of style and charm by introducing complementary accessories from our extensive collection:

  • Vase: Position a chic white vase nearby to contrast the rich gold and amplify the elegance in your room.
  • Lamp: Illuminate and accentuate the mirror’s golden frame with a strategically placed lamp, cascading light, and creating enchanting reflections in your space.

Position our Gold Arch Window Mirror in your bedroom, living room, or hallway to not only enhance light and depth but to also serve as a remarkable statement piece that effortlessly harmonizes with various elements like a cushion-adorned bench or a meticulously organized cabinet.

Perfect for adorning both minimalist and maximalist interiors, this mirror is not just a reflective surface but a testimony to exquisite taste and refinement.

Explore sophistication, explore a world where every item in your home, from a cozy pouf to a stylish coffee table, tells a story of timeless elegance.

Product Details

This mirror come with a built in wall mount, so can be either hanged or leaned to the wall


Iron Frame


Delivers in 1-2 working days
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Delivery does not include installation