Black Arch Vanity & Console Wall Mirror (2 Sizes)

Dhs. 395.00 Dhs. 525.00


Introducing the Black Arch Vanity & Console Wall Mirror – a sophisticated statement piece that seamlessly merges modern design with timeless appeal. Encased within a robust aluminum frame, this mirror showcases a distinctive arch shape and a gracefully curved top. With sizes available in 60x90 CM and 120x80 CM, it's tailored to fit both grand and intimate spaces.

Styling Tip: Position this mirror above a classic hallway or console table, and complement it with a sleek lamp for ambient lighting. Consider adding a decorative vase on the sideboard or buffet nearby to introduce a touch of elegance and texture. Together, these elements create a harmonious, refined look that captivates and impresses.

Product Details

Can be either leaned on the wall or hanged as it comes with wall mount built in


Aluminum Frame


Delivers in 2 working days


Delivery does not include installation