Aurelian Loop: Modern Aluminum Black LED Ceiling Lamp

Dhs. 845.00 Dhs. 1,145.00


Introducing the Aurelian Loop LED Ceiling Lamp, a masterpiece of modern lighting design that combines form, function, and sustainability. This striking piece features a sleek, continuous loop of high-quality aluminum, finished in a warm black tone that adds a touch of elegance to any interior. The LED lights embedded along the inner rim of the loop provide a bright, energy-efficient illumination, casting a soft, ambient glow that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space without overpowering it.

The Aurelian Loop is perfect for contemporary settings where minimalist design is celebrated. Its unique shape and metallic finish make it a focal point in any room, whether it's suspended above a dining table, in a spacious living room, or in a chic office environment. The use of durable aluminum ensures longevity and resilience, making it not only a stylish choice but also an eco-friendly one. Elevate your decor with this beautifully crafted ceiling lamp and enjoy a blend of modern sophistication and impeccable functionality.

Product Details

80CM Width




Delivers within 1-2 working days


Delivery does not include assembly/installation.

For the safe and proper installation of lamps that require electrical connections, we recommend hiring a local handyman or professional service. This ensures your product is installed safely and correctly.