Boho Verde - Screen Printed Rug (140x200 CM)

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Evoke the free-spirited essence of Bohemian style with our "Boho Verde" Rug. This captivating piece features intricate screen-printed designs in lush green and crisp white, reminiscent of verdant meadows and tranquil oases. Available in three sizes, this rug invites you to infuse your space with eclectic charm and vibrant energy.

Description: Dive into a world of Bohemian allure with our "Boho Verde" Rug. Screen-printed with mesmerizing patterns in refreshing green and white hues, this rug is a testament to the whimsical spirit of Boho chic. Crafted to inspire creativity and individuality, it effortlessly transforms any room into a sanctuary of relaxed elegance and worldly charm.

Styling Tips:

  1. Mix and Match Patterns: Embrace the eclectic nature of Bohemian decor by layering the "Boho Verde" Rug with other patterns and textures. Mix floral prints, tribal motifs, and vintage fabrics for a dynamic and visually captivating look.

  2. Play with Color: Infuse pops of color throughout the space to complement the rug's vibrant palette. Incorporate throw pillows, blankets, and artwork in shades of turquoise, mustard yellow, and earthy browns to create a harmonious Bohemian oasis.

  3. Create Cozy Corners: Arrange cozy seating areas or meditation nooks on top of the "Boho Verde" Rug using floor cushions, poufs, and low-rise furniture. Add layers of textiles such as sheepskin throws and woven blankets for added warmth and comfort.

  4. Celebrate Natural Elements: Embrace the natural beauty of plants and greenery to enhance the Bohemian ambiance. Incorporate hanging plants, potted succulents, and leafy vines to bring life and vitality to your space, creating a serene oasis inspired by nature.

  5. Embrace Vintage Finds: Incorporate vintage or handmade decor pieces to add character and charm to your Bohemian haven. Seek out one-of-a-kind treasures such as rattan furniture, macrame wall hangings, and artisanal ceramics to infuse your space with personality and soul.

Transport your home to a Bohemian paradise with the "Boho Verde" Rug, where vibrant patterns and lush hues come together to create a sanctuary of artistic expression and free-spirited beauty.

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