Botanical Leaf Wall Art

Dhs. 155.00 Dhs. 185.00


Transform your living space into a serene oasis with Botanical Leaf Wall Art. Crafted with meticulous detail, these botanical-themed artworks bring the vibrant essence of nature indoors. Each leaf is delicately rendered, capturing the intricate veins and textures that make it unique. Whether you prefer the lush greenery of tropical palms or the delicate beauty of ferns, there's a botanical leaf art piece to suit every style and taste.

When styling your space with Botanical Leaf Wall Art, consider creating a gallery wall to showcase a variety of leafy designs. Mix and match different sizes and shapes for visual interest, or opt for a cohesive look with a series of prints featuring the same type of foliage. Pair your leaf art with natural materials like wood and rattan to enhance the organic feel, and complement the green hues with earthy tones like beige and taupe. Finish the look with potted plants and botanical-inspired decor to create a harmonious atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of nature.

Product Details

2x3 CM Frame thickness


- Digital Printed Canvas
- PVC Frame


- Delivers within 1-2 working days
- Eligible for Return/Replacement.


- Assembly: Canvas & Frame are delivered assembled.
- Installation: Delivery does not include installation to the wall. Please note that the wall mount is fixed on the frame for vertical hanging only.