Brooke Rattan Drawer Side Table

Dhs. 1,325.00 Dhs. 1,895.00

Introducing the Brooke Rattan Drawer Side Table, a stylish and functional addition to any space. Crafted from durable mango wood, this side table seamlessly blends natural materials with modern design. With its compact dimensions of 45CM Width x 40CM Depth x 60CM Height, it is perfect for smaller spaces or as a chic accent piece.

Key Features:
Featuring one rattan drawer and a small shelf, this side table offers ample storage for your essentials. The rattan drawer adds a touch of texture and visual interest, while the shelf provides a spot for displaying your favorite decor items.

The versatile design allows this side table to be used in various rooms, whether as a nightstand in the bedroom, a side table in the living room, or even a hallway accent piece.

Styling Tips:
  • Place a stylish vase with pampas stems on the side table to add a pop of color and visual interest. This will bring life and freshness to the side table while creating a visually pleasing arrangement.
  • Create a cozy reading nook or a stylish seating area by pairing it with a statement comfortable chair. This will not only add functionality but also elevate the overall style of the space
Elevate your space with the Brooke Rattan Drawer Side Table, a perfect combination of functionality and style. With its versatile design and compact size, it's the ideal choice for those looking to optimize their space without compromising on aesthetics.

Product Details

45CM Width x 40CM Depth x 60CM Height


Mango Wood


Delivered within 5-7 working days


Delivered as one piece, no installation required