Demi Black Rectangle Mirror with with Inner Frame LED (2 Sizes)

Dhs. 1,225.00

Introducing the Demi Black Rectangle Mirror with Inner Frame LED, a luxurious and sophisticated addition to any space. Available in two sizes - 180x90 CM and 200x100 CM, this mirror offers versatility and timeless elegance.

Key Features:
Crafted with a sleek black aluminum frame, the Demi Black Rectangle Mirror exudes a sense of contemporary style and refinement. The rectangular shape adds a touch of modernity to any room.

One of the standout features of this mirror is the built-in LED lighting, located within the mirror's inner frame. With three LED color options - yellow, light yellow, and white - you can effortlessly create the perfect ambiance to suit your mood. The touch button on the mirror ensures convenient and easy operation.

Styling Tips:
  • Complement the mirror with a stylish side table adorned with a sleek lamp and a stack of captivating books to create a cozy reading nook.
  • Elevate your dining experience by hanging the Demi Black Rectangle Mirror near your dining table.

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and functionality with the Demi Black Rectangle Mirror with Inner Frame LED. Add a touch of elegance and create a stunning focal point in any room with this exquisite mirror. Upgrade your space and indulge in its timeless beauty today.

Product Details

Mirror comes with 3 LED colors white, warm white, and yellow. Mirror can also be switched on, off using the same touch button.

Light source is the mirror's inner frame


Aluminum Frame


Delivers in 2 working days


Delivery does not include installation