Dumb Canes Artificial Plant (Pot not included)

Dhs. 315.00


"POT NOT INCLUDED" This plant arrives in a basic black nursery pot. Please note, the decorative pot is not 

Introducing our Dumb Canes Artificial Plant, a versatile and elegant addition to elevate your interior decor effortlessly. This lifelike faux plant brings the beauty of nature into your home, providing endless possibilities for styling and enhancing various furniture pieces.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Dumb Canes Artificial Plant adds a touch of greenery that complements a variety of furniture styles, such as mirrors, dining tables, cabinets, closets, and sofa chairs.

Here are some styling tips to infuse your living space with the charm of our Dumb Canes Artificial Plant:

  1. Mirror Marvel: Position the Dumb Canes plant near a mirror to create a captivating focal point, reflecting its vibrant beauty and adding depth to your room.

  2. Sofa Chair Serenity: Pair your favorite sofa chair with our Dumb Canes Artificial Plant to create a cozy and inviting corner for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Dumb Canes Artificial Plant effortlessly complements your existing furniture and decor, making it a versatile choice for enhancing the aesthetics of your home. Its faux design ensures that you enjoy the beauty of greenery without the need for maintenance, watering, or sunlight.

Upgrade your interior decor with the Dumb Canes Artificial Plant today, and experience the timeless elegance of faux botanicals. Discover how this exquisite faux plant can effortlessly harmonize with your living space and breathe life into your home. Explore the world of faux plants and unlock the beauty they bring to your surroundings.

Product Variations:

Every artificial plant is a unique masterpiece. Crafted with precision and passion, slight variations in each piece celebrate individuality, ensuring that no two plants are exactly alike. When you select from our collection, you're not just acquiring decor, but a singular piece of art that brings a bespoke touch of nature to your space.

Product Details

40 CM Height x 40 CM Width




Delivers in 1-2 working days


Does not require installation