Earthen Prism - Leather Rug (3 Sizes)

Dhs. 995.00


Indulge in the timeless allure of our "Earthen Prism" Leather Rug, a mesmerizing tapestry that seamlessly marries the rich warmth of tan with a vibrant array of multi-color hues. Crafted with precision and care, each piece of leather is meticulously stitched, creating a mosaic of earthy tones that transforms your living space into a haven of rustic elegance.

Versatility in Design: The "Earthen Prism" Leather Rug effortlessly complements a variety of interior styles, adding a touch of character and depth to both modern and traditional settings. Its versatile design allows you to experiment with different decor schemes, making it a dynamic and adaptable centerpiece for any room.

Styling Tips:

  1. Neutral Backdrop: Place the "Earthen Prism" Rug against a neutral backdrop to allow its vibrant colors to stand out. Neutral-colored walls and furniture provide the perfect canvas for this eye-catching piece.

  2. Natural Elements: Embrace the rug's organic aesthetic by incorporating natural elements like wooden furniture, potted plants, or woven baskets. This enhances the earthy ambiance and creates a cohesive, nature-inspired setting.

  3. Bohemian Vibes: Combine the rug with eclectic furniture and layered textures for a bohemian look. Mix and match patterns, cushions, and throws to create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

  4. Statement Furniture: Let the "Earthen Prism" Rug be the focal point by pairing it with minimalistic or solid-colored furniture. This allows the rug to take center stage, showcasing its intricate design.

  5. Layering: Experiment with layering by placing the rug on top of a larger, solid-colored carpet. This not only adds depth to the room but also accentuates the unique patterns of the "Earthen Prism" Rug.

Elevate your home with the "Earthen Prism" Leather Rug, where the artistry of leather craftsmanship meets a spectrum of earthy tones, creating a captivating ambiance that transcends trends and invites you to revel in the beauty of rustic elegance.

Product Details

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Leather (Hair On Hide)


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