Eclipse Symphony Wall Art

Dhs. 155.00 Dhs. 185.00


Introducing "Eclipse Symphony": a mesmerizing fusion of black and beige circles, choreographed to harmonize with any space. This Wall Art piece boasts a captivating interplay of light and shadow, reminiscent of a celestial dance frozen in time. Each circle exudes its own unique aura, drawing the viewer into a dynamic realm where elegance meets abstraction. Whether adorning a minimalist loft or a cozy study, "Eclipse Symphony" adds a touch of avant-garde allure, transforming any room into an artistic sanctuary.

Styling Tip: Pair this enigmatic artwork with sleek, modern furniture to accentuate its contemporary flair. Let it take center stage against a neutral backdrop to amplify its visual impact. For a bold statement, juxtapose it with vibrant accent pieces to create a captivating contrast. Experiment with different lighting angles to enhance its depth and dimension, casting captivating shadows that evoke a sense of intrigue. With "Eclipse Symphony," elevate your décor to new heights and bask in the timeless beauty of abstract artistry.

Product Details

2x3 CM Frame thickness


- Digital Printed Canvas
- PVC Frame


- Delivers within 1-2 working days
- Eligible for Return/Replacement.


- Assembly: Canvas & Frame are delivered assembled.
- Installation: Delivery does not include installation to the wall. Please note that the wall mount is fixed on the frame for vertical hanging only.