Elegant Crystal Glass Pendant Light with Gold Accents

Dhs. 745.00 Dhs. 995.00


Illuminate your space with the sophistication of our Elegant Crystal Glass Pendant Light, featuring exquisite gold accents that bring a touch of luxury to any room. This pendant light boasts a stunning design with its elongated crystal glass centerpiece, perfect for adding a dramatic yet elegant flair to your dining area, entryway, or living room. Its transparent crystal beautifully disperses light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere while highlighting the fine details of its craftsmanship.

Ideal for those who appreciate refined aesthetics, this pendant light pairs well with both contemporary and traditional decor. The combination of sparkling crystal and rich gold finishes ensures that this lighting fixture stands out as a central piece of art in any home. Enhance your home's ambiance and impress guests with this timeless and luxurious crystal glass pendant light.

Product Details

100CM Height


Acrylic and Metal


Delivers within 1-2 working days


Delivery does not include installation