Molly Half Circle Wall Mirror with Backlit Led Light (3 Sizes)

Dhs. 695.00 Dhs. 945.00


Illuminate your space with our Backlit Half Circle Wall Mirror, enhanced with integrated LED lighting to blend practicality with contemporary design. The subtle, yet bright, LED lights envelop the semi-circular shape, providing a flawless, even light that is ideal for daily grooming tasks, makeup application, or simply elevating the ambiance of your room. Its sleek, modern aesthetic, combined with energy-efficient lighting, not only accentuates your space but also ensures optimal visibility with a gentle glow. Perfect for bathrooms, vanity areas, or any space seeking a touch of modern elegance, this mirror offers a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Embrace a luminous living experience with this stylish, backlit mirror, designed to seamlessly integrate into various interior styles and enhance your daily routines with impeccable lighting.

Product Details

Comes with 3 light colors: White, Yellow, and light yellow. You can turn the light on and off using a touch button on the mirror.

Needs to be placed close to a plug.

Mirror is also wall mounted and can be hanged on the wall.




2 Working Days


Delivery does not include installation