Itzel Wooden Desk with Black Legs

Dhs. 4,250.00

The Itzel Wooden Desk with Black Legs is a stylish and functional addition to any home office or workspace. With a length of 120 cm, depth of 55 cm, and height of 90 cm, this desk offers plenty of surface area for your work materials.

Key Features: 
Crafted from high-quality mango wood, this desk exudes a natural and rustic charm. The beautiful grain patterns of the wood add a touch of elegance to your space. The metal legs provide a sleek and modern contrast to the warm wood tones.

Featuring two small drawers, this desk offers convenient storage for your office supplies, ensuring a clutter-free work environment. The minimal shelf provides additional space to display decorative items or store books and folders.

Styling Tips: 
  • To create a cohesive and stylish workspace, pair the deskwith a sleek mirror and a plush rug.
  • A stylish table lamp will not only provide adequate lighting but also serve as a decorative element.

Overall, the Itzel Wooden Desk with Black Legs offers a combination of functionality and style. Its compact size and ample storage make it a versatile choice for any space. Invest in this desk to create a productive and visually appealing workspace.

Product Details

120 cm in length, 55 cm in depth, and 90 cm in height


Mango Wood


Delivers within 5 Working Days


Delivered as one piece, no installation requir3ed