Marcella Rustic Mango Wood Slatted Cabinet (3 Sizes)

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Introducing the Marcella Rustic Mango Wood Slatted Cabinet, a blend of rustic charm and functional elegance that enhances any home decor. Crafted from high-quality mango wood, this cabinet showcases natural beauty and artisanal craftsmanship, making it a perfect addition to your living space.

Key Features:

  • Rustic Design: The Marcella Cabinet features a rustic, earthy aesthetic with a natural mango wood finish that highlights the unique grain patterns and textures.
  • Slatted Doors: The cabinet's distinctive slatted doors add a touch of vintage charm, while allowing for ventilation and visual interest. The slatted pattern is both functional and decorative, creating a visually appealing focal point.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built from durable mango wood, this cabinet is designed to last. The robust construction ensures stability and longevity, making it a reliable storage solution.
  • Ample Storage Space: Behind the stylish slatted doors, you'll find ample storage space for your household items, helping you keep your space organized and clutter-free.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for any room in your home, the Marcella Cabinet is available in 3 sizes & can be used in the living room, bedroom, hallway, or even the kitchen. Its versatile design fits seamlessly into various decor styles, from rustic farmhouse to modern chic.

Transform your home with the Marcella Rustic Mango Wood Slatted Cabinet, where rustic charm meets functional elegance. Shop now to bring this beautiful, handcrafted piece into your living space and enjoy its timeless appeal.


Our wooden category items are crafted from natural hardwood, which may result in Slight variations in color, grain pattern, and texture. As such, the product you receive may differ slightly from the images displayed on our website (Note that the variation would be in texture and not in design). These variations are inherent in the beauty of natural wood and add to the uniqueness of each piece. Rest assured, we strive to ensure that all our products meet our high-quality standards.

Product Details

Available in 3 Sizes


Mango Wood


Delivers within 5 working days


Delivered as one piece. No assembly Required