Midnight Geometry Abstract Wall Art

Dhs. 140.00 Dhs. 185.00


Introducing our captivating creation, the "Midnight Geometry" Abstract Wall Art, a stunning masterpiece that transcends conventional boundaries with its mesmerizing interplay of black lines and geometric forms.

Inspired by the enigmatic allure of the night sky, this artwork invites you to embark on a visual journey where the infinite depths of space converge with the precision of geometric shapes. Each brushstroke and line is a testament to the artist's skill, capturing the essence of mystery and elegance in a timeless expression of modern artistry.

Styling Tips:

  1. Contrast and Balance: Pair the "Midnight Geometry" Abstract Wall Art with light-colored walls to create a striking contrast that highlights its bold black lines. Balance the composition by incorporating furniture and decor in neutral tones, allowing the artwork to take center stage.
  2. Modern Elegance: Embrace the minimalist aesthetic by placing the artwork in a sleek and contemporary setting. Opt for clean-lined furniture and accessories with metallic accents to enhance the modern allure of the piece. Consider complementing the artwork with geometric patterns or metallic finishes for added visual interest.
Product Details

2x3 CM Frame thickness


'- Digital Printed Canvas
- PVC Frame


'- Delivers within 1-2 working days
- Eligible for Return/Replacement


'- Assembly: Canvas & Frame are delivered assembled.
- Installation: Delivery does not include installation to the wall. Please note that the wall mount is fixed on the frame for vertical hanging only.