Olivia Travertine Round Dining Table with 3 Legs (3 Size)

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Create a sense of harmony with the round travertine Dining Table with 3 Slat Legs. Durable as well as striking, this travertine table is a perfect example of how beauty can be found in the simplest of designs. This table exudes sculptural appeal with its stunning neutral color and sleek design. 


Introducing our Round Travertine Dining Table with 3 Slat Legs, a captivating centerpiece that blends natural beauty and modern design. Crafted from high-quality travertine, this round table exudes timeless elegance, making it the perfect addition to your dining space.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted from authentic travertine for a durable and visually striking finish.
  • Shape: Its round shape promotes a sense of unity and warmth, creating an inviting dining experience.
  • Leg Design: The table features three slat legs, adding a contemporary touch to its classic design.

Why Choose Our Round Travertine Dining Table?

1. Timeless Elegance: The natural allure of travertine with its unique patterns and warm hues ensures that this table will never go out of style. It complements various decor styles, from rustic to modern, effortlessly.

2. Styling with Vases: Enhance the table's aesthetic by pairing it with one of our exquisite vases. The organic beauty of fresh flowers in a vase adds a touch of nature to your dining area, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing atmosphere.

3. Dining Chair Complement: Complete the look by selecting dining chairs from our collection. With a range of styles and materials to choose from, you can effortlessly create a dining space that reflects your personal taste and style.

4. Durability and Quality: Travertine is renowned for its durability, ensuring that your dining table will withstand the test of time, becoming a cherished part of your home.

5. Memorable Dining Experiences: With our Round Travertine Dining Table, you can host unforgettable gatherings and create lasting memories in a dining space that embodies grace and sophistication.

Elevate your dining room's aesthetic with our Round Travertine Dining Table with 3 Slat Legs, a fusion of natural beauty and contemporary design. Explore our selection of dining chairs and vases to complete your vision for a harmonious dining space. Transform your dining area into an inviting haven of elegance today.

Upgrade your dining experience with our Round Travertine Dining Table with 3 Slat Legs, a masterpiece crafted from authentic travertine. Explore our dining chairs and vases to complete your vision for a sophisticated dining space. Order now and create an atmosphere that exudes timeless elegance and charm.

As this is a made-to-order item, we require a 50% down payment to begin the production process. This down payment must be processed in advance, with the remaining 50% payable prior or upon delivery. Please note that the initial 50% down payment is not eligible for refund. This policy ensures that we can initiate the crafting of your made to order item promptly while providing a balanced payment approach.

Product Variations:
Our pieces are made from natural Travertine & marble and so there are variations throughout each and every piece. Images should be used as a general representation as no two pieces are exactly the same. The notable qualities of each slab of Travertine or marble vary making each piece individual and unique.

Care & Use:
To ensure that you get the best out of your product, please take the time to wash down with warm water and a soft cloth before your first use.

For Daily cleaning, wiping down with a damp cloth is the perfect way to clean. Care should be taken when cleaning and handling.
Also be careful when using food oils as they may stain the surface.

Return & Refund:

We want you to love your purchase! Please review all product details and reach out with any questions before buying, as this item is not eligible for return or refund. We're here to help ensure you're satisfied with your choice

Product Details

75 CM Height




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Assembly is done by HomeKode team upon delivery