Azura Rattan Door Arch Top Cabinet

Dhs. 3,450.00 Dhs. 4,950.00


Introducing the Rattan Door Arch Top Cabinet, where classic design meets contemporary elegance. Crafted from exquisite mango wood, this cabinet boasts a gracefully arched top, offering a silhouette that adds character to any space. Measuring 200CM in height, 100CM in width, and 55CM in depth, it's not only a visual treat but also a spacious storage solution.

Styling Tip: Enhance its rustic charm by placing a plush pouf or ottoman beside it for a cozy reading nook. Complement its natural tones with a vase or an artificial plant atop a side table nearby, bringing a touch of greenery and freshness into the room. Whether positioned beside a rug or nestled against a hallway console table, this cabinet promises to be the centerpiece of your decor.

Product Details

Measurements: 200CM in height x 100CM in width x and 55CM in depth


Mango Wood


Delivers within 3-5 Working Days


Delivered as one piece. No installation required