Schefflera Artificial Plant (Pot not included)

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"POT NOT INCLUDED" This plant arrives in a basic black nursery pot. Please note, the decorative pot is not included

Bring a splash of perpetual green into your living space with the Schefflera Artificial Plant, a striking representation of nature's beauty without the demands of care and attention. Offering the richness of live foliage minus the upkeep, this faux plant stands as a timeless addition to your home or office.

Styling Tips: Consider placing the Schefflera beside or behind a cozy Sofa Chair, its lush foliage gently cascading around, creating a vibrant backdrop for your seating area. Its steadfast greenery can add a beautiful contrast and fresh appeal that complements various decor styles.

Alternatively, utilize this elegant faux plant as a lively piece close to your Dining Table, where its vibrant leaves gracefully whisper of nature during your meals and gatherings, blending a natural aesthetic with your dining experience.

Lush Aesthetic, Zero Hassle: The Schefflera, renowned for its distinctive, umbrella-like leaf arrangement, becomes a hassle-free charm in its artificial form. Place it against a Mirror to reflect its greenery throughout the space, magnifying its presence and freshening up your environment.

Product Variations:

Every artificial plant is a unique masterpiece. Crafted with precision and passion, slight variations in each piece celebrate individuality, ensuring that no two plants are exactly alike. When you select from our collection, you're not just acquiring decor, but a singular piece of art that brings a bespoke touch of nature to your space.

Product Details

Width: 60CM for all variants

32x46 CM pot




Delivers in 1-2 working days


Does not require installation