Shaggy Green Rug (3 Sizes)

Dhs. 460.00 Dhs. 525.00

Enhance your living space with our Shaggy Green Rug. Available in three sizes - 80x200CM for hallways, 170x240CM, and 200x300CM - this rug offers a cozy and soft feeling that will transform any room.

Key Features:
Crafted from high-quality shaggy material, this rug provides a plush and comfortable surface to walk or lounge on. The unique greenish color adds a refreshing and vibrant touch to your home decor, creating a bold statement.

Styling Tips: 
  • Create a cozy reading corner in your living room by placing this shaggy rug alongside a comfortable chair or pouf.
  • Make a statement in your hallway by using this rug as a runner. Pair it with a sleek console table and a decorative basket to create a welcoming entryway that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Experience the plushness and vibrancy of our Shaggy Green Rug. Add a touch of comfort and style to your home with this unique and versatile piece. Choose your preferred size and transform your living space today.

Product Details

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