Vanessa Nesting Travertine Coffee Table

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Introducing the "Vanessa Nesting Travertine Coffee Table" – an embodiment of timeless elegance and contemporary design, crafted to redefine the focal point of your living space. Elevate your home with this exquisite coffee table, where the warmth of natural travertine meets sleek lines, creating a harmonious fusion of sophistication and functionality.

Vanessa Nesting Travertine Design:

The defining feature of the "Vanessa Nesting Travertine Coffee Table" lies in its impeccable use of natural travertine. The tabletop, meticulously crafted from high-quality travertine, exudes warmth and character with its unique patterns and earthy tones. This luxurious stone is known for its timeless appeal, making each piece a distinctive work of art.

Contemporary Silhouette:

The sleek and minimalist silhouette of the "Vanessa Nesting Travertine Coffee Table" captures the essence of contemporary design. The clean lines and geometric shapes create an air of modern sophistication, seamlessly integrating into various interior styles, from mid-century modern to eclectic, making it a versatile centerpiece for your living room.

Nesting Design for Versatility:

The innovative Nesting design of this coffee table adds a layer of versatility to your living space. The smaller tables can be arranged individually for a cohesive look or separated to serve multiple functions. Use them as individual side tables, providing flexibility to adapt to different seating arrangements or room layouts.

Premium Travertine Craftsmanship:

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the "Vanessa Nesting Travertine Coffee Table" exemplifies superior craftsmanship. The travertine is expertly cut, polished, and finished to highlight its natural beauty, resulting in a smooth and lustrous surface. The sturdy base ensures stability while adding an extra dimension of style to the ensemble.

Functional Elegance:

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the "Vanessa Nesting Travertine Coffee Table" serves as a functional and practical addition to your living space. The Nesting design allows for flexibility in arranging and rearranging the tables to suit various occasions, whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening at home.

Styling Tips:

  1. Neutral Harmony: Pair the "Vanessa Nesting Travertine Coffee Table" with furniture in neutral tones to create a harmonious and sophisticated color palette, allowing the natural beauty of the travertine to be the focal point.

  2. Artistic Displays: Use the nested tables to showcase curated art pieces, decorative objects, or a collection of coffee table books, adding a personalized touch and enhancing the visual appeal of the ensemble.

  3. Complementary Textures: Introduce complementary textures through plush rugs, throw pillows, or upholstered furniture to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, balancing the sleek surface of the travertine.

  4. Understated Lighting: Highlight the "Vanessa Nesting Travertine Coffee Table" with soft and understated lighting, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that enhances the natural warmth of the travertine.

Timeless Sophistication:

The "Vanessa Nesting Travertine Coffee Table" transcends the ordinary, offering not just a piece of furniture but a symbol of timeless sophistication. Elevate your home decor with this exquisite coffee table, where the natural beauty of travertine meets contemporary design, creating a harmonious blend of refined living and functional elegance. Welcome the allure of opulence into your living space with the "Vanessa Nesting Travertine Coffee Table," where every detail is a testament to the artistry of fine craftsmanship.


As this is a made-to-order item, we require a 50% down payment to begin the production process. This down payment must be processed in advance, with the remaining 50% payable prior or upon delivery. Please note that the initial 50% down payment is not eligible for refund. This policy ensures that we can initiate the crafting of your made to order item promptly while providing a balanced payment approach.

Product Variations:
Our pieces are made from natural Travertine & marble and so there are variations throughout each and every piece. Images should be used as a general representation as no two pieces are exactly the same. The notable qualities of each slab of Travertine or marble vary making each piece individual and unique.

Care & Use:
To ensure that you get the best out of your product, please take the time to wash down with warm water and a soft cloth before your first use.

For Daily cleaning, wiping down with a damp cloth is the perfect way to clean. Care should be taken when cleaning and handling. Also, be careful when using food oils as they may stain the surface.

Return & Refund:
We want you to love your purchase! Please review all product details and reach out with any questions before buying, as this item is not eligible for return, replacement/exchange or refund. We're here to help ensure you're satisfied with your choice.

Product Details

Round: 60CM Width x 60CM Depth x 50CM Height
Square: 50CM Width x 50CM Depth x 45CM Height




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