Calacatta Viola Plinth

Dhs. 4,790.00 Dhs. 6,350.00



Elevate your space with our Calacatta Viola Marble Plinths, the epitome of sophistication and timeless beauty. Each plinth is masterfully crafted from premium Calacatta Viola marble, renowned for its striking deep violet veining set against a pure white background. These plinths are perfect for displaying art, sculptures, or decorative objects, adding a luxurious touch to any room or office setting.

Durable and designed to blend seamlessly with both modern and traditional decors, our marble plinths stand as both functional pieces and standalone works of art. Whether it’s creating a focal point in a lobby or enhancing the elegance of your living room, these plinths provide a sturdy and stylish base for your cherished possessions, ensuring they attract attention while remaining secure.

Product Details

This piece is constructed from Viola Marble, with mitred edges and hollow design.


Calacatta Viola Matte Finish


Delivers within 9-12 working days.


Does not require installation