White Decor Christmas Trees

Dhs. 230.00 Dhs. 265.00

Introducing the White Decor Christmas Trees, available in three sizes:
  • 60CM x 35CM: Perfect for tabletops, mantels, or small spaces.
  • 80CM x 45CM: Adds a charming touch to any room or corner.
  • 100CM x 60CM: Creates a statement centerpiece for larger spaces.

Key Features: 
These trees feature a white color with a brown trunk, offering a beautiful contrast that adds elegance to your holiday decor. Crafted from durable foam, they are lightweight and easy to set up.

Styling Tips: 

  • Create a magical display by placing it on a console table. Pair them with an irregular mirror above and add a string of fairy lights for a mesmerizing effect.
  • Arrange the White Decor Christmas Trees on a coffee table or dining table as a festive centerpiece

The White Decor Christmas Trees bring a touch of winter wonderland charm to your space. Whether placed on a coffee table, side table, or as a centerpiece, these trees will create a festive ambiance that will be cherished by family and friends throughout the holiday season.

Product Details

Available in 3 Sizes




Delivers within 1-2 working days


Does note require installation