White Sand Patterns Ceramic Pot (3 Sizes Available)

Dhs. 370.00 Dhs. 495.00


Elevate your greenery with our White Sand Patterns Ceramic Pot, designed to seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Perfectly suitable for any interior or exterior space, this pot not only nurtures your beloved plants but also enhances the visual appeal of your surroundings. Whether it's majestically perched atop your sleek dining table or nestled harmoniously within your cozy living room, this pot is sure to infuse a refreshing burst of nature into your environs. Crafted with precision and a keen eye for detail, this pot promises durability and timeless appeal, serving as a lush haven for your plants and a stylish accessory for your decor. Explore an amalgamation of practicality and unbridled beauty, fostering a vibrant, nurturing abode for your foliage while seamlessly complementing your interior aesthetics.

Product Details

3 Sizes




Delivers in 1-2 working days


Does not require installation